~A Nurtured Nest ~ Feature Branding Story for this Elk River Small Business

I would like to introduce you to Angie, creator of beautiful things!

This sweet natured, mom of three, is the creative talent behind "A Nurtured Nest". As the owner of a small business, operating out of her Elk River home, Angie knows the meaning of hard work and ingenuity. She is a redeemer of broken things and a restorer of items that have lost their value. While the rest of us may see a pile of junk, this amazing artist has the vision to see what could be and the determination to create beauty out of the rejected.... Ok, I know we are just talking about restored furniture here... But does anyone else see the inspiring symbolism?!?1

I loved watching her work and listening as she explained her process. She told me about the first piece that she refinished many years ago and how she fell in love with the work and and the feeling of accomplishment that comes when she sees what is created. Angie is always so excited to see her pieces add beauty and functionality to their new homes and it inspires her to keep producing more of what her customers have grown to expect and love!

Angie explained to me how the really important work is in the details. Like all of us, she puts a lot of effort into the first 95% of a project and then has to dig deep to finish the last 5%. But it is those finishing touches that turns everyday items into art! It is that commitment to perfection and her creative eye that sets her work apart.

If you want to see more of what Angie has to offer, go follow her pages at: https://www.facebook.com/anurturednest/


You may just find a new favorite piece for your own home and you will definitely find an inspiring woman entrepreneur who feels like a good friend!

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