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SweetHeart Photos for Valentines Day

I had followed her on instagram and loved reading about her newly married life and the way she captured her day to day beauty in simple photos that spoke of hope and beauty. We had corresponded a bit online but when she arrived at my Elk River home studio for our session, I was excited to know more about her and what she is passionate about.

I knew that the kind of photos we were going to be taking were going to be personal and and intimate and I didn't want to her to feel rushed. So we sat for a bit. We chatted about life and weddings and high school and she shared openly about some of her struggles and how she has learned to find strength for each new day. Her honesty and determination is a thing of beauty.

We talked about the photos that we wanted to create together.

As a photographer, I had looked into doing so-called Boudoir Photos but most of the examples I found just didn't feel authentic to the way I wanted to celebrate women and the unique beauty of the female form. I wanted to create images that felt classy and timeless, romantic and maybe offering a glimmer of something more but not blatantly obvious and not giving away the too much! I was thrilled that this sweet young bride wanted to create the same kind of art with me.

So on this chilly winter day, we had the heaters running and and the fresh white linens flowing and together we created these lovely photos that celebrate the beauty of her unique curves along with her sweet spirit and deep waters of love and devotion to the things that matter most to her.

I felt trusted and so honored to create these photos with Enya. Relationships matter to me. It is not just a business, and clients are never just clients. I see them as partners in the creation of something beautiful that will be preserved for generations and this session met all of those expectations. I can't wait to work with Enya again... who knows what we will create together next time.

The following photos are being shared with Enya's permission and she assured me that she was comfortable doing so... But these kinds of photos are only shared when the client wishes it and never without her permission.... In case you were wondering.

You can follower her on instagram at

Contact me if you want to create your own SweetHeart Portraits together!

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