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Spring Blossom Photoshoot in Elk River, MN

I am a little bit obsessed with trees that burst with blossoms!

Maybe it is because of the 25 years I spent in Hawaii and the fact that I think Plumeria Trees are one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Maybe it is because after 6 months of winter, the sight of trees bursting with color and and the lingering scent of spring gives me hope for warmer days. Whatever the

inner motivation, I was thrilled to be able to capture these beautiful girls with the backdrop of flowers and spring and hope!

I started thinking and planning months ago when the ground was still frozen and there was barely a hint of green on the landscape. A model call went out first and It was so hard to choose only a few! But choose, I did and I loved every second of the whole experience.

I had scouted out several spots so I knew where to find the blooms! My girls showed up, ready to shine and ready to celebrate friendships... the kind that make extraordinary flowering trees pale in comparison!

I marveled at the way these girls finished each other's sentences and giggled with inside jokes and they way the cheered each other on through the whole shoot. It can feel a little awkward to be in front of a camera... so doing it with friends who know how to bring out the real you makes it a lot easier and so much fun.

And because we were having so much fun and because I really do love a blossoming tree... I jumped in for a photo myself!

The Spring Blossoms here in Elk River have now faded to green but there are still flowers to be found though out the summer and fall so if flowers are part of your plan for your Senior Portraits... send me a note and let's get you on the calendar.

I can't wait to create some photos with you!!!



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