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Personal Branding Photo Session for this Minnesota MomPreneur

I first met Sara 10 years ago.

I was visiting a church where, of course, I ended up in the lobby with my kiddos. Sara was there too. I honestly don't remember what we talked about but I do remember how the conversation made me feel. Not Alone...

She reminded me that I was not alone. I will always appreciate that.

Over the years, our lives will occasionally intersect and this time it was the funnest of all!

(yes, funnest is a word)

Sara is a Health Coach, educator and entrepreneur andI had the amazing honor of doing a Personal Branding Session out on their little homestead. Surrounded by a few dozen chickens, a couple of goats and one very grumpy Llama, we set out to capture a bit of her real life for the camera. She and her husband have carved out a thriving business and a beautiful life with their strong faith, half a dozen kids and really big dreams.

Sara says that one of the best parts about her job is being there when her kids wake up in the morning... though that doesn't mean she hasn't already checked a few things off her list before their feet hit the floor.

You will find her throughout the day flowing seamlessly between feeding chickens, gathering eggs and meeting with clients... and doesn't she clean up nice?!?!

Sara was a bit nervous when I arrived. I promised her it would be fun and painless and when it was all done she was already talking about the next time we would do photos together. Personal Branding Photoshoots are kind of a hybrid between Business Headshots and Lifestyle Photography and I love getting to help promote my clients as they work hard to chase their dreams. Sara is definitely a dream chaser and if you want to know more about what she does you can check out her website at

And if you are interested in a Personal Branding Session for yourself you can find more info on my website.

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