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Personal Branding for Santa Rosa Coach Extraordinaire!

We started months ago with a few consultation calls and a shared Pinterest Board! I needed to really get to know Kaitlyn's heart for her clients and her plans for building her business. That is how all my Branding Sessions start out. It's not just about taking beautiful photos. It's about helping my clients reach their clients with the images.

I knew Kaitlyn as a person. She is my Sister-in-Law so I already love her. But this was different. I had to take off the friends & family hat and really dive into what makes her tick as a business woman. What I found there was as beautiful and inspiring as the person I already knew and I was so honored to capture a glimpse for the world to see!

Coach Kate of Kate Pintor International

For Kaitlyn, that meant creating images that capture her story.

You will have to wait for the book to get the full telling, but she is an overcomer who inspires others overcome! It is out of her personal life experience with heartbreak, loss and inexplicable physical pain that she is able to bring a level of compassion to others that moves them towards healing and success!

We decided to schedule our sessions on three separate days to maximize lighting and locations. It was an amazing time together as we worked, creating images that we were both excited about. She may me the professional coach but I love to do a little coaching of my own. Sometimes you just have to stop and explore what is happening behind the beautiful face and tailored clothes. How we feel in that moment can show up in the photos and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. I love getting to pull back the curtain a bit so that we can really capture "Beauty in the Real".

Women in business really are extraordinary creatures and getting to cheer them on is the best part of my job!

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Bodega Bay, California

My main business is located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area but I frequently travel to my childhood home of Santa Rosa, California to visit family. I love when I get to mix a little business with pleasure while I am there and am already looking forward to meeting with new and old clients on my next trip.

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