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Featured Brand Story with Lindy Haglund Designs

Lindy and I walked out of a networking meeting together on a cold Minnesota day. We were both just visiting and unsure if we would be back to that group. We had a brief conversation and exchanged business cards before hurrying on our way.

Then the power of social media stepped in.

Curious about her design business, I followed her on Instagram. We interacted a few times in the following months and eventually decided to meet for coffee. We chatted about family and business and when it was done we had made a plan for a Personal Branding Photoshoot to highlight her Design Company.

She was just finishing up a project on a clients home so we decided to do her Brand Photoshoot in a space that she had designed. It is a beautiful space with light, shapes and texture weaved together to make a masterpiece.

We created photos highlighting both the space and the engaging nature of Lindy, of course, always keeping in mind new content for her website and social media feeds. Every time she would break for an outfit change, I would look around for beautiful details to capture with my lens. These detail shots make for great filler content on social media and provide an opportunity to highlight your work.

It was so fun to capture so much of Lindy's natural smile and gentle personality. She was a bit nervous at first but after a few minutes she relaxed and showed me around this amazing space that she created.

I am excited to see how Lindy will use these photos to update her website and social media pages. If you would like to follow along and cheer her on, check out her website at:

Or follow her on Instagram at:


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