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Family Photoshoot in Kennewick, WA

They were calling it SnowMagegdon up there in the Pacific Northwest but after two cancelled flights and some long delays, I finally arrived in Kennewick, Washington. See that beautiful Mama surrounded by children and snowflakes? She is one of my dearest friends. When I married my husband and moved into his townhouse, Samantha was our downstairs neighbor. We bonded over good books and homemade desserts and have been best friends ever since. That was in our Hawaii days and now we both live in places not-so-tropical but we still get together once a year and it has helped to keep our friendship strong!

It will come as no surprise to you that when we met, this gorgeous girl was putting herself through school with a modeling career. Now she is raising her 3 girls to be beautiful inside and out and the boys to be strong, Godly young men. She and her husband Jeromy are living in Kennewick where they homeschool their kids and are a blessing to their church and community.

The Markwort Children: Bennett, Rachel, Elizabeth, Emma, Valor & Isaac

They are also blessed to have Samantha's Parents living nearby so we were sure to snap a few pictures of the Grandparents for the wall too!

As a photographer, it was so wonderful to spend 3 whole days doing a family photoshoot. You get to capture so much more of the beauty and relationships when it is not all in one session and I am thrilled with how the photos turned out. So thankful for the time to re-connect and capture all this joy and love with my lens.

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