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Elk River Location Guide for Senior Portraits

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Choosing locations for your Senior Portraits doesn't need to be stressful. In fact, it should be fun! The truth is, we can create amazing photos just about anywhere! All we need is the right blend of light and shade and you are going to shine!!!

I have always said that if people look at your photos and say "What a great location", then I

have failed! These photos are all about YOU and the setting is only there to be like a frame. I like to adjust my camera settings to minimize the background and to keep you as the center of attention!

I am providing the following list of locations to help you with ideas and outfit selections but this is not intended to be an exhaustive list. If you have a spot that is special to you or some creative ideas of your own, we will be sure to chat before your session so that we can make a plan to include them.

My Premium Senior Portrait package can include 3 to 4 locations as time allows and as many outfits as you can squeeze into our time together. It is really helpful to have your outfits and locations coordinated so we make the most use of our time! Have a little scroll though some of my favorite spots around Elk River and let me know which ones are your favorites or tell me about the locations that you would like to try... I am always adding to this list so you may see your spots added someday!

Urban Steps:

This little spot is tucked away, off the street and behind a building but I love how the brick and pipes lend to an urban feel and the light is always warm and bright. With a little creative editing we can get some great looks that have an urban street feel about them. If you want something besides green trees and fields, this is a great option to include in your photoshoot! It pairs well with all kinds of outfit choices. Cozy, edgy and even dressy can work here!

Elk River Commons:

While this location might be one that you are more familiar with, I like to capture it in a way that is unique for every client. The areas around Main street provide lots of different backdrops, from a perfectly lit church bench to posing behind the glass at Daddio's Cafe, we will walk around and find the frame that fits you! It is just around the corner from my studio and the Urban Steps shown in the above location so it is easy to pair these two spots together.

The Shimmering Dock:

Summer or fall, the light through the trees and the shimmering water on all sides makes for a lovely setting. Dress it up or down, the weathered wood and the light bouncing off the water brings a reflection that lights your eyes and can be fun and playful or a serious look!

Sunset Field:

This lovely little field near my home is usually the last stop of the evening. We have to catch it with the sun low enough in the sky to bring that soft back-lit glimmer. It is a perfect spot for flowing dresses or cozy sweaters.

Woodland Tunnel:

Nestled in the woods on a long trail, is this perfect tunnel where the shadows and light blend perfectly to frame the subject. It can have an urban feel and can be fun for your more casual outfits.

Willow Pond:

This lovely spot is a client favorite. It is not far from the Woodland Tunnel location so doing them together can help to capture two completely different looks in a short amount of time. I love the softness of the willow branches and the light reflecting off the water. This location is perfect for a softer outfit choice. Something flowering or flowing to capture a more romantic feel.

RSP Studio:

My Studio in downtown Elk River is actually a 100 year old house complete with french doors and a creepy basement so it is not just for boring studio looking photos. There are so many different looks we can achieve in this one spot so it's a fun place to start your photo session. From light and airy to dark and moody, we can do it all here, even some outside nature shots!

I am excited to create more photos in new and old locations and can't wait to do it with you!

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