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Elk River Family Reunion with the Thompson/Pagh Family

Many of us know what it is like to live far away from family. Whether the miles between us are many or few, it is always a memorable time when we are all together and I was thrilled when the Thompson family contacted me about creating photos to preserve those memories.

Elk River Family Reunion Photo Session
"We may not have it all together but together we have it all."

I loved getting to be a part of their "togetherness" and wanted to help it be as easy as possible to get the photos they wanted. We selected a small neighborhood park for our location because it offered some pretty greenery and shade but the playground was close enough that the kids could play in between photos without us losing control of them all together.... Plus we brought bubbles...

As with most families, there were lots of combinations or kids, parents, grandparents, and cousins to be captured and I was so impressed with how well the parents prepped the kids and how well the kids held up.

We were sure to get the group shots out of the way first since those can be the most challenging but once those were done we had lots of time left to play and capture some of the different groupings and the candid moments!

Of course, you know that the candid moments are some of my favorite to capture!

Leah did an amazing job of coordinating the entire family in wardrobe colors that complimented each other with out being obviously matching. I love how their choices turned out in the finished photos!

Family is truly a blessing and while it will be fun to look at these photos in the coming weeks, I get really excited about how they will have these photos to look at in 20 years. The value of photos increases with time and someday they will be priceless.

This Mother/Daughter duo is beautiful and so inspiring!

We were done in under and hour and this little guy held up just long enough to help me get the job done!

Whether your family is big or small, close by or far away... next time you get together I would love to help you capture some memories of your own.



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