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Branding Book Club

Hello and Welcome to The Branding Book Club!
I am so thrilled that you are interested in joining me as we dive into business branding and marketing and cheer each other on towards our goals.  Please look over the dates and topics below and fill in the registration form if you would like to reserve your spot.

Our text for this class is:

How to Style Your Brand

By Fiona Humberstone

Used versions are also available through amazon sellers.

Please consider purchasing from my amazon affiliate link as it rewards me with a small commission


We will meet every other Friday

from 9:30 to 11:00am 

Each week we will cover the chapters listed as well as discussion on

Social Media Marketing and Goal Setting.

March 20th ~ Chapters One & Two

                       Brand Styling Basics & Planning

April 3rd ~ Chapter Three,

Create Your Vision

April 17th ~ Chapter Four,

Create Your Logo

May 1st ~ Chapter Five,

Pulling Together Your Brand Elements

May 15th ~

Chapter Six, Styling It Up


Thanks for submitting!

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