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Rohnda Sue Monroy

I am Rohnda,  a Personal Brand & Senior Portrait Photographer In the Elk River area.


I am passionate about serving others though real relationship!  I want to get to know YOU and how we can create images that will speak to your people!  Whether you are looking at colleges, jobs or your next big business idea, I am all about cheering you on to the next level!


I know it can feel awkward to get in front of the camera, but in growing my own business, I have learned how important it is to be present and accounted for and to let the real you shine though on all your platforms.  My photo sessions are a collaboration and together we will create beautiful images that we can both be excited about!  I will hold your hand and coach you though the process and it will be fun!  I promise. 


When I am not behind the lens, you will find me taking long walks with the dog or painting another room in the house.  I love my family and am enjoying this new phase of having grown up kids.  I am passionate about health and always looking for how I can incorporate better habits in myself and those I love.  My youngest son is severely autistic so making changes can be hard but always worth it… kind of like the rest of life!

Whatever it is that you are passionate about in this season of your life, I am excited to partner with you as you dream big.  Let’s create something together and then share it with the world!

Besides being a photographer,

here are a few random facts about me:

~I am a mom to 3 and a wife to 1

~I lived in Hawaii for 25 years before coming to Elk River.

~I love salad and chocolate!

~I am kind of excited to get grey hair!

~Coffee is my friend!

~I have 3 cats, which is just one shy of "Crazy-Cat-Lady"

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